Pugs As Life

January 26, 2020 fodder, humor, pets Comments (3) 1428

The first time I brought Muttsy home, she looked like a little miniature something, I’m just not sure what.  Yes, a dog for sure, or maybe not?  Somewhere in the universe, I think the family tree looks like this:  dog, dog, dog, dog, cat, dog, dog, dog, dog, pig, dog, dog, dog, dog.  The curly tail, the snorting flat face, and the penchant for climbing to the top of the sofa with feet tucked in is admittedly suspicious.  That being said, they are the best dog-cat-pigs in the world.

They are also emotional empaths and have the ability to make their people feel the most guilt possible in a human.  I think it’s the lack of blinking.  Don’t ever hope to win a staredown with a pug.  If they flinch, it will be just to throw you off.  They are very cagey that way.

Years later, when Ella came along, she reminded me that Muttsy used to be hyperactive.  This is hard to remember when you see an everyday pool of loose skin that looks like a hairy speed bump laying on the floor.  I’m certain that Muttsy was ready to kill me with her remaining two teeth within one day of Ella arriving.  She seemed to say “What have you done?” as she frumped her way to her too-small Walmart bed, and stuffed herself into it, legs straight out.  “I was just fine here.”

Now, they are compadres, but still competitors.  The belly rub is Muttsy’s gig, and it’s Ella’s job to see that she does not get that.  At the end of the day, after the ball-throw and the slow, trodding walk that will never end, there is peace and snoring.  Could there be anything better?  I do not think so.  #peaceandsnoring #puglife #mypugisbetterthanyours

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