About Jen

Jen Moore

I’m Jennifer Moore and I have a long, diversified history in business and design/branding. I’m different than a lot of designers because I understand the intersection between the financial issues entrepreneurs face and what is needed to achieve whatever marketing product it is that generates income, or to stand out, or to convey what your brand needs to be.

Currently, I’m serving as Marketing/SEO director, as well as a graphic designer for DaVinci Sign Systems, Inc. of Windsor, CO. DaVinci provides high-end signage of every type for all of Colorado, Wyoming, and Western Nebraska.

I’m also a published author and copywriter with capable editing skills. I build websites, mostly in WordPress and Shopify, but have worked on other platforms. I have a business degree in Accounting and am pursuing an MBA in Marketing Data Analytics from Colorado State University in Fort Collins. Additionally, I have a history of creating cartoons for persuasive purposes, or just for fun. I’ve recently written the story for a children’s coloring book (portfolio piece coming) for a financial institution wanting a custom piece.

I’m an as-needed content writer for sources such as ShoutVox, and creative writing outlets I care about, such as RedTentLiving.com. My portfolio displays graphics work, written products, and packaging/identity/trademark related products. I say these are products because I know that for you, the outcome is what’s important, at a budget you can tolerate. I don’t apply for design awards; I only focus on what your success needs to be as per your parameters. I am not a design prima donna. Please access my downloadable resume on this page if you need more information, or email me at jen@yellowpug.com.