I’m going to hit you with a blowtorch that is truly my best-kept secret for effective creative work.  The mojo, the Kwan, or where the rubber meets the road is the formula above:  where objective meets parameters, achieves the outcome, and ultimately produces a said goal.  This is no easy task when setting finite budgeting.  That is not to say it’s impossible; that is where I really live, creatively. 

I’m a little bit of an odd bird in that I’m a self-taught graphic designer over many years, and my undergraduate degree is in a business discipline. It makes me a little bit of an outcast in the upper elite design circles.  It’s not my niche to spend time trying to get a design award.  I’ve focused all of my time and energy on achieving outcomes within budget parameters for clients. 

Beware:  I’m too honest for my own good, a lot of times.  I’m never going to just agree with you if you ask my honest opinion.  But I’ll say it nicely.