About Me

A seasoned business background with a heart for art, I’m not your usual marketing chick.  I can be hardheaded, too.

I am a technically a swiss army knife

So, to avoid putting a lot of boring copy about myself or list my hobbies which I’m sure you could care less about, I’m posting my resume below.  My list of services includes:

• copywriting

• strategic marketing

• concept generation

• intellectual property concepts/planning

• product development

• web development/design

• graphic design/identity creation

• social media/SEO

I’m probably one of the best one-stop-shops you’ll find, in terms of one person.  My company email is jen@yellowpug.com and I respond almost immediately whenever possible.

Pugs Raised

Jobs Held

Kids Raised

Bad Wardrobe Choices

“Never put a sock in a toaster.”

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