Jen Moore, Proprietor

The best way to explain my expertise and experience level is ‘wide and deep’.  I have spent most of my working life in a marketing environment in which I am creating visuals or visual products to promote (business, products, funding, ideas, and even political aspirations).

Briefly, here are my skillsets:

• web building (WordPress, Shopify, other)

• graphic design (expert in Creative Suites)

• strategic marketing (summarizing a project and distilling it down to a workable plan)

• copywriting (short form, long form, humorous, creative)

• publishing (Amazon KDP, IngramSpark, bar codes, book covers, typesetting and formatting, submission)

• high level consult and intellectual property

• package design

• name generation, identity creation, logo design

• product development and positioning

Personally, I have my little pug Ella who keeps me busy, along with 2 grown-up sons and a wellspring of creative projects.  I am located in a suburb outside of Austin — Bastrop, TX.  I feel that the area provides the best of both worlds for technology and quality of life, and the sunsets are amazing.

If you want to start a project or talk about one, generally it’s best to email me at, my catch-all email.